About Us

We’re not just an investor relations, public relations
or social media relations company.

DreamTeamNetwork (DTN) is a family of brands that work together to provide private and public companies with a level of service unparalleled in the marketing industry. We’re not just an investor relations, public relations or social media relations company. We’re a powerhouse blend of all three.

Armed with a powerful suite of marketing tools, DTN consistently delivers each client’s message directly to their target audience. The result is heightened brand awareness, a reputation for legitimate engagement, and skills to sustain a strong social media presence. Each DTN brand works in harmony with market trends and industry demands, leveraging the power of social media, email and mobile communication to create a customized social media campaign designed to build your brand and strong following.

DTN services are ideal for public and private entities looking to extend their communication and outreach efforts via social media, direct-mail, email, news release or by any other means. Whether your company has yet to register for a Facebook account or has a full-swing marketing strategy in need of a boost, DTN has the resources to help you stand out in today’s hyper-connected business world.


What sets us apart?

We’ve been in the business for years. Through our own trial and error we’ve learned to navigate through trends to find out which social media strategies are firmly anchored and which will float off with the next wave. Based on these findings, our team of highly experienced professionals excels at crafting successful strategies tailored to each client’s needs.

Wasted time = wasted money.

If your communications and social media efforts aren’t generating a buzz, you’re wasting time with each post, tweet and news release. DTN has the time and the know-how to make sure your digital footprint only gets stronger.

Still not convinced we’re the best choice?

If you’re interested in taking your brand to the next level, our sales staff will be happy to discuss options to best cater to your specific company, your specific industry and your specific needs. No two businesses are alike – and no two strategies are alike. DTN believes that an inventive strategy combined with the right tools is the formula for success.

Let’s succeed together.

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