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High-Quality Product & Powerful Distribution Network Driving YiLoLife, Inc. Investor Engagement

YiLoLife, Inc. aims to start operations in other states by year-end YiLo, fastest-growing MMJ brand in Arizona, presents a significant opportunity for investment Focus on high-quality product and powerful wholesale and retail network among top investment considerations With the global and U.S. legal marijuana markets continuously expanding, investors are faced with multiple opportunities to become […]

Legal Victories, Changing Public Perception Fuel Continued Success for YiLoLife, Inc.

Diverse, award-winning line of cannabis-infused products Fastest growing seed-to-shelf MMJ brand in Arizona, with sights set on expansion to other states Robust wholesale and retail distribution network Many investors are looking for promising plays in the burgeoning marijuana market as public perception continues to change and as legal advancements continue forward. Near the end of […]

YiLoLife, Inc. Investors Poised to Profit

YiLoLife, Inc. poised for booming U.S. and international cannabis market Company mounts IPO-style crowdfunding campaign, opening the door for investors who want to participate in the expanding cannabis industry Company plans to expand outside successful Arizona base, as neighboring states approve cannabis Holding company YiLoLife, Inc. is offering a choice opportunity for investors to benefit […]

YiLoLife, Inc. Plans to Boost Supply More Urgently as Sin City Runs Out of Cannabis

To invest $12 million in cultivation, distribution, and processing facilities Widely-accepted YiLo™ brand that drives two-thirds of revenues Business model that mitigates legal risks YiloLife, Inc.’s plan to leave the roost in Arizona, where it has achieved remarkable success, and offer its services in other states looks inspired as the first reports of Nevada’s legalization […]

Expanding Global Market Creates Favorable Environment for YiLoLife Investors

The Delaware-based company launched a mini IPO-style crowdfunding campaign in January focused on raising $16.4 million to develop its business and brand The company plans to use $12 million toward adding capital assets and acquiring and developing cultivation, distribution, and food processing facilities Three investment rounds are planned, providing investors with potential opportunities to participate […]

YiLoLife: A Cannabis Growth Story with a Potential Happy Ending for Investors

Superior products targeting skyrocketing multi-billion dollar cannabis industry Saturation of Arizona MMJ market, now setting sights on adjoining states Available crowdfunding initiative for investors: These days, investors are perhaps hearing about one industry more than any other: marijuana. Legalized cannabis is becoming a huge business with plenty of lucrative investment opportunities — both with […]

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