Nascent Food Service, Inc (NCTW.OB) Prepares to Expand by Adding a Logistics Professional

Chet Willey has recently been added to Nascent’s Board of Advisors. The CEO of the Nascent, Sandro Piancone, is excited to bring Chet on the team. The CEO believes Chet’s extensive experience in designing warehouse and delivery systems will be a great asset to the company. Mr. Willey has over 25 years experience in international […]

Knobias, Inc. (KNBS.OB) is a Leading Financial IT Company

Today, there are many places to find news. While that may sound great, once anything reaches “information overload”, quality will be diminished and accuracy will be reduced. Knobias has invented new ways to over-coming the problem by consolidating, organizing and analyzing financial information in order to ensure accuracy. They remain on the cutting edge, offering […]

Reed’s, Inc. (REED.OB) Ginger Brews Bring the Quality Back in Soft Drinks

Reed’s Ginger Brews are produced using higher quality methods then traditional soft drinks. Before modern soft drink technology, soft drinks were brewed at home using herbs, roots, spices, and fruits. They were aged in the same way wine is today and were highly prized for their taste. Reed’s goal is to revive the home brewing […]

Buyins.Net Reported Cord Blood America, Inc. (CBAI.OB) Has Traded 129.2 Million Shares Since June 2005

From June 2005 to this April, 129.2 million total aggregate shares have traded totaling to a dollar value of nearly $36.6 Million. Almost 10 million of those shares were shorted, averaging at the price of $0.28. expects a big short squeeze to initiate at $0.28, which will drive prices up rapidly. A preliminary short […]

Nascent Food Service, Inc. (NCTW.OB) is on its Way to Becoming the Largest Food Distributor in Mexico

Nascent has been growing aggressively as it consistently enters new distribution agreements. They are well established and are the only distributor authorized to distribute Miller Beer in the Baja California region of Mexico. They have also acquired Piancone Group International, which is a major food distributor. There is much opportunity for them in Mexico as […]

ItsAboutFinance is the Longest Continuously Running Broadcast on the Internet

Everyday you can count on to deliver financial information via online television. Since mid-2000 they have been providing daily video reports consisting of News, Interviews of CEOs, and Market Reports from stock exchange floor traders. Their staff can be found in the New York and Chicago financial markets. They have daily access to the White […]

Reed’s, Inc. (REED.OB) Expands Their Presence by Signing an Exclusive Distribution Agreement

Before the bell, Reed’s announced that they will be partnering with Manhattan Beer Distributors to deliver Reed’s Ginger Brews, Virgil’s Root Beer, Cream Soda, Black Cherry Cream Soda and both China Colas to New York City, Long Island and the seven counties north of New York City. The Founder and CEO of Reed’s commented on […]

Cord Blood America, Inc. (CBAI.OB) Adds Medical Director to Advisory Board

Cord Blood America announced today that Jack Goldberg, M.D. will serve as the Chairman of its Medical Advisory Board. Dr. Goldberg served as a medical director previously at CoreCell, which is now a subsidiary of Cord Blood America. He also serves as Chief of the Division of Hematology and Oncology at Penn Presbyterian Medical Center, […]

VIASPACE, Inc. (VSPC.OB) Broadens Its Business Plan by Reaching Out to the Clean Energy Market

VIASPACE announced that it will be expanding its focus by making energy-based products a major part of their business strategy. This is a strong move for the company as it accelerates the growth of VIASPACE’s existing fuel cell cartridge business, and fuel cell humidity sensor product line; in addition to opening new opportunities within the […]

Reed’s, Inc. (REED.OB) Has Experienced Abundant Growth Since Its Inception

In 1987, Chris Reed founded Reed’s and started developing Reed’s Original Ginger Brew. By 1989, the product was introduced to eleven stores, and soon the company was marketing its products through natural distributors. Since then, the company has expanded to develop, manufacture, market, and sell many different kinds of New Age beverages, including candies and […]

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