Sub-Surface Waste Management, Inc. (SSWM.OB) Subsidiary has been Asked to Present a Proposal to the Mexico Military

Within the next month Environmental Tec International, S.A. de C.V. (ETI), a subsidiary of Sub-Surface Waste Management, plans to present a proposal in order to acquire a multi-year consulting project from the Mexico Military. The Mexico Defense Department is looking for staff training, equipment selection and engineering services in order to be prepared to give […]

Intelligentias, Inc. (ITLI.OB) May Attain Additional Clients Rapidly

The European Data Retention Directive is now requiring that all Telcos, ISPs and other Service Providers in the European Union must retain more customer data usage. Many of these companies will be forced to upgrade their systems because they are using obsolete in-house systems put together in order to cope with the previous requirement. Intelligentias […]

Find Financial News, Market Reports, and Interviews at

ItsAboutFinance delivers financial information through online television. They offer the information on the latest companies, including CEO interviews that are conducted right on the floors of the American Stock Exchange, New York Stock Exchange, NASDAQ and the Chicago Stock Exchange. ItsAboutFinance primarily searches for CEOs who are driving competition in their sector by innovative methods. […]

HotStockChat’s Primary Focus is to Serve Their Subscribers puts their subscribers first by providing information regarding OTCBB, NASDAQ Small Cap, AMEX and Pink Sheet Stocks on a daily basis. The website uses a technical analysis approach by finding stocks though technical scans; this technique has been very successful in helping traders and investors find opportunities in the market. HotStockChat also works with […]

Knobias, Inc. (KNBS.OB) Offers a Wide Range of Financial Information

Knobias is a leading financial IT company, a unique content company, a public small-cap company and it remains true to its historical foundation. As a financial IT company, Knobias invents new ways to consolidate, organize and analyze financial information. From fundamental due diligence to real-time news and events, Knobias remains on the cutting edge with […]

Sub-Surface Waste Management, Inc. (SSWM.OB) – Parent Company Initiates Search for Acquisitions

Sub-Surface Waste Management’s parent company, U.S. Microbics, announced that it has hired two consulting firms for assistance in the acquisition of U.S.-based environmental companies. New acquisitions will provide domestic revenues that balance the current revenues being generated though Sub-Surface Waste Management. The consulting firm’s job responsibilities will include identifying acquisition candidates, performing due diligence, and […]

Beacon Equity Research is Committed to Producing High Quality Investment Research

Beacon Equity Research’s primary focus is on the small cap market. This section of the stock market is traditionally shunned by Wall Street because of its uncertainties. Beacon Equity Research reduces the investors’ risk by offering the highest quality research available. Their analysis and conclusions are free from any outside pressures because they do not […]

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