Medical Innovation Holdings, Inc. (MIHI) Transforming Telemedicine

  • Current telemedicine model is fragmented with little to no up sell
  • Millions of Americans live in areas with little to no comprehensive health care
  • MIHI building nationwide telemedicine network, making MIHI sole practitioner to millions

An estimated 80 million Americans live in rural areas where access to medical services is extremely limited. Identified as Medically Underserved Areas by the government, these regions suffer from a chronic shortage of not only primary care physicians but, even more critically, specialty care physicians. Targeting these medically underserved areas, Medical Innovation Holdings, Inc. (OTC: MIHI) intends to deliver much needed medical care while simultaneously developing the foundation of its unique business model.

Utilizing telemedicine to connect specialty physicians to diverse rural areas, MIHI is committed to expanding and disrupting the traditional telemedicine business model, building a national network of physicians and patients, and vertically integrating multiple health care-related products and services across multiple platforms throughout its entire network. Because specialists are primarily based in urban areas, rural patients do not have direct access to these specialists and are forced to travel great distances, wasting time and money to get the care they need.

The company’s business model provides much needed specialty practice medical services to underserved rural patients in the setting of their primary practice provider. It also provides the rural physician with administrative support, additional income through more product and service offerings, and the ability for the rural practice to grow exponentially while providing access to specialist practitioners.

The company’s proprietary telemedicine platform brings together multiple modalities of telemedicine to create a virtual multi-specialty practice within a rural primary clinic practice. The business model is designed to greatly increase the access to specialty providers, including, neurology, dermatology, ear nose and throat, tele-stroke, management of high-risk pregnancy, psychiatry, dermatology, endocrinology, pediatrics, cardiology, nephrology, pulmonology, OBGYN, maternal and fetal, and others.

With the intent of driving shareholder and market value, MIHI is creating various subsidiaries that will become the foundation designed to both service and support its network of medically underserved markets. MIHI has already created both 3Point Care and BKare Diagnostics as distinct revenue drivers. 3Point Care is a management service organization (MSO) with an exclusive contract relationship with TeleLife MD to provide telehealth services to MIHI’s marketplace. BKare Diagnostics is a full scale provider of high quality laboratory and pharmaceutical services that supports the company’s entry into medical lab services, medical devices, and nutraceuticals.

With the ability to provide a vast array of health care-related services on its various technology platforms, the company intends to create a comprehensive health care-centric business ecosystem where multiple products and services can be offered. As the company expands its unique business model into a large national footprint, a nationwide network of underserved patients will receive much needed services and, in essence, make MIHI a sole practitioner and product provider to a large swath of the population.

To effectively service such a large and diverse population across such a vast geographical area, the company has identified multiple products and services such as nutraceutical supplements, CBD products, OTC homeopathic medicines, lab services and traditional pharmaceutical products to feed into the network and meet the demands of this new market. The scope of products and services is limited only by medical needs and opportunities with the company’s network.

Since any pretense of competition is primarily based on the current dysfunctional large hospital or holding company medical model, the company intends to expand unabated throughout the United States and transform the status quo or telemedicine.

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