Your company blog is a great place to make new friends, enhance your customer service and establish yourself as an expert in the industry. But that’s not all! You can also improve your site’s rankings with the search engines, boost web traffic and increase overall sales. That may sound like quite a bit, but it’s all possible plus a whole lot more.

Humanize your Business

Blogs should be written in a more informal tone than other web content. Your blog is the perfect place to put an actual human face on your company. It should speak to the audience as if you’re old friends. This is your opportunity to assure prospective customers that there is a real person behind your business … someone who cares about meeting their needs.

There are so many important things you can accomplish with your blog. If you own an automotive repair site, then your weekly blog could contain tips on regular auto maintenance. If you own a dental practice, then offer information on the latest breakthroughs in the dental field. If you own a skin care website, then post blogs that give helpful advice for clear, healthy skin.

If your blogs are truly helpful, informative and well-written, then you can expect people to come back every week to see what you have to say. In a short time, a company can set itself up as an authority in any field.

Consumers love blogs that are interesting and fun. Don’t be afraid to inject your own personality into the writing. Be quirky. Entertain. Be memorable. By all means, use specific keywords throughout the writing. This will dramatically improve your search engine rankings. Use your blog to hone your unique offering.

You can also provide product updates and how-to articles that will offer value to your readers. Since blogs have an easy-to-use archiving system, readers can look back through old posts and read relevant topics.

Tips for a Successful Blog

Post regularly, at least once per week. Don’t stuff the blog with keywords. Today’s accepted standard is around 2 percent. It’s more important to provide timely, interesting articles than to hit some arbitrary keyword percentage. You’re writing for humans, not for machines.

Your blog can and should provide visitors with an inside look at your company. They should feel that your business can be trusted. They should be confident in buying from you. If you can accomplish all the above, then you can count on strong sales even when other companies are experiencing a slump.

If this sounds like something you’d like to know more about, then contact DreamTeamNetwork (DTN) today. We employ professional writers who can keep your blog buzzing with industry news, great tips and unique content. We write specifically to your target audience giving them interesting and relevant information each week. DTN has the experience and the resources to give you a higher return on your marketing dollar.

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