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Marketing collateral is a collection of various types of media that can be used as sales tools in your daily business activities. They should get your message across and make a positive impact on current and potential clients. Collateral Materials support and reinforce a great media advertising campaign with products that exemplify your company’s commitment to excellence. These materials should closely resemble your website and landing pages by continuing the use of website colors, logos and other aesthetics.

These items can include letterhead, business cards, envelopes, flyers, brochures, booklets, catalogs, point-of-purchase displays and trade show exhibits. Collateral materials are essential for optimizing sales and marketing efforts. They should enhance your brand. Having these professionally produced materials ready for potential clients when needed can increase customer confidence in your brand. They suggest to clients that your company goes the extra mile to provide top notch products and services.

The production of attractive marketing collateral demonstrates your company’s professionalism and they can be used over and over in a variety of situations. These items should support your corporate identity and can even include items like press releases, fact sheets and many others.

DreamTeamNetwork (DTN) will work with you to determine which collateral materials would best compliment your current marketing strategy. Whether your company needs visual aids, white papers, brochures, sales scripts, press releases or any number of items, we can work with you to create high quality resources that strengthen your marketing program.

The experts at DTN can provide you with carefully crafted items that boost sales and increase conversion rates. Our goal is to ensure that your brand is consistent across all channels. We use today’s most innovative business tools to create marketing campaigns that deliver powerful results.

Contact us to learn more about extending your company’s reach with unique collateral materials that take your business to the next level. With many years of experience, DTN specializes in bold, inventive marketing tactics coupled with the right plan for your business goals. We provide measurable results.

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