Brand positioning is often best accomplished with effective marketing communications. Your company has a lot to communicate to its target audience. And there are many ways to do this: through slogans, landing pages, web content and all your advertising messages. Those essential marketing messages shape the fundamental beliefs people form about your company, its products and services and your ability to stand behind your promises.

Communicating can take many forms. Your social media accounts are constantly saying things about your organization to your customers and potential customers. Sometimes the messages are right on point and they get through and sometimes they need to be tweaked. Using today’s advanced analytic tools, we can stay on top of whether your organization’s key messages are working and whether they’re reaching the right audience.

Marketing communications that function properly should share some common key characteristics. They should promote, they need to be consistent with your other advertising programs, they should impress stakeholders, and they should attract potential investors.

Remember that the communication process is a two-way street. You must allow for interaction with your customers. With a high level of engagement, you can increase brand loyalty and attract new customers. Just about everything a company does should be examined to ensure that it is consistently communicating a similar message across the board.

Marketing communications should never be vague, blurred or hard to understand. Some of the most memorable taglines in recent years were very short:

Nike: Just do it!
Volkswagen: Think Small.
Harley Davidson: American by birth. Rebel by choice.
Walmart: Save money. Live better.

These messages are the themes that run through all company communications. In a top level marketing campaign, each leg of the program extends and/or repeats that key message in some way. This is the strategy that has defined success for so many brands.

As we deploy this strategy of communicating your company’s value proposition through various outlets, we not only strive for consistency but also a unique and compelling campaign that is unforgettable.

At DreamTeamNetwork (DTN), we assist brands in many ways, including honing your brand’s personality, identifying consumer insights, and charting key benefits that should be explored. We begin by understanding your current marketing messages and we learn what has worked and what has failed to produce results. We talk about your long-term and short-term goals and then we formulate a plan to bring all these elements together into a stronger marketing campaign, one with a clearer voice.

This strategy has worked for hundreds of our clients in the past and we believe it can get your company exactly where you want to be in the shortest amount of time. That’s our goal and we work hard to achieve it. Contact DTN today to learn more about professional marketing communications that deliver.

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