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A conference or trade show is an exceptional opportunity for your company to gather industry partners, customers, employees and the media around your brand. Bring your products and services to the forefront of the conversation and highlight what your company does best.

Though this is an excellent way to bring your brand to life, many business owners do not take advantage of industry trade shows and conferences because of the work involved. There are literally hundreds of details large and small and most businesses don’t have employees with the right skills to get this job done correctly.

As a full-service marketing agency, DreamTeamNetwork (DTN) provides professional conference management services. We begin by discussing your ideas and goals, then we put together an amazing plan. As we combine all the elements of the conference, we maintain good communications with your key people so that we can incorporate the right speakers, events and exhibits.

Our goal is to give you a top-notch conference or trade show that encompasses every aspect of your business and fully achieves your objectives. We handle advertising the event using all channels, such as social media platforms, press releases, and both online and offline advertising.

A successful trade show or conference can stimulate collaboration and social sharing within your community. At DTN, we use today’s best interactive technologies to increase excitement and participation. One of our main goals is long-term ROI and with a successful trade show event, this is highly achievable.

There’s a long list of exciting possibilities with a trade show such as demonstrations, walk-in labs and breakout sessions hosted by renowned speakers. Each is designed to foster engagement and result in increasing the public’s level of interest in your products and services. This is also an excellent time to reach out to potential investors and increase your company’s presence within the community.

DTN delivers seamless conference management using the latest event technologies and digital management tools. With a proven track record, our staff can provide your organization with end-to-end management services including logistics and support.

Trade Show Marketing has been shown to deliver excellent financial returns, greater brand visibility, and high converting lead capture. With the DTN team’s deft planning and execution, your costs and expenses will be minimized. We strive to bring the project in on time and under budget. Why not contact us today to learn more about conference and trade show marketing? We partner with clients to enable them to reach new heights within their industry.

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