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Though some marketers are saying that email newsletters are old-school, the statistics show that consumers still open them about 30% of the time. That means that your message is getting through to people who are purposely on your mailing list. This equates to potential customers who will not require high-level pressure to make a purchase from your site … and this can indicate higher click-through rates.

This is all good news to business owners who use email newsletters to reach out to their customers each month. If you are not currently doing this, then this is a great time to start. It’s a small investment that can pay off big. If you do send out email newsletters but are not seeing the results you’d like to see, then this is a great time to revamp your program.

With so many businesses vying for sales online these days, it’s important that you utilize every marketing tool available. The numbers don’t lie. Those who are taking advantage of social media, email newsletters, SEO, professionally written content and the many other excellent tools available today, enjoy stronger sales throughout the year. During holiday seasons, your efforts are especially important because consumers in America usually spend considerably more money.

In 2011, consumers spent $52 billion in Black Friday sales alone. A growing number of people now shop online to avoid the long lines and heavy traffic. Online shoppers say that they enjoy the ease and convenience of shopping from home. So why not make it even more fun and easy by offering a 20% discount on select merchandise in your email newsletter. Many times, consumers just need one small trigger to push the buy button.

Branded newsletters can be created and distributed to different groups so that if you have targeted messages for specific groups, you can speak directly to each. This is often the case with both large and small businesses. They may have investors, consumers and affiliates that they need to address each month. Branded newsletters are the perfect solution.

Design, layout and colors are important, along with content. Your newsletter doesn’t have to be long and wordy. In fact, studies show that short is sweeter. You can include images, graphs and video to spice things up for viewers.

If you believe your email newsletter could be working a lot harder for you, then contact the experts at DreamTeamNetwork (DTN). We have many years of experience and the resources to give you the sharp, professional newsletter you’ve been dreaming of. We work closely with clients to put together strategic marketing and branding campaigns that move our customers closer to their goals. Please contact us to learn more.

With so much at stake, it’s very important to ensure that your content, landing page, Facebook ads and other writing is completed by professionals. If you’re ready to vastly improve the face of your business, then why not contact us at DTN? Our copywriters and proofreaders will ensure that every word is meaningful and attention-grabbing. We can develop an SEO strategy specifically for your business. We will put the best face possible on your business so that it is irresistible to shoppers.

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