A company logo is much more than a symbol shown on company documents and in ads. It’s your brand identity. It identifies your business in a way that’s memorable. Brands that achieve familiarity among the masses do their job without effort. Everyone recognizes Coke, Apple and Nike. These logos are so familiar that they convey important information to consumers without even trying.

Successful logos don’t have to be complex or spectacular. Imagine how commonplace some of America’s most famous brands are. An apple with a bite out of the right side is hardly rocket science. But marketing geniuses worked hard to connect that apple with certain specific information about the company or the brand and then a reputation was built.

Once your logo has been created, your brand will be tied to it through various media. These are designed to present consumers with information about your company, its products and services, its mission and other relevant data. As your brand evolves, it takes on all the abstract and concrete info about your company. For instance, your brand should include your company’s “story”, its primary message, and facts concerning its goals, reputation and of course, its products.

Your brand and logo can be displayed and publicized in many ways, through ads, web site content and other marketing efforts. When this process is carried out successfully, consumers come to know and recognize your business simply through its logo. Certain crucial information can be instantly communicated to your customers.

Creating the perfect logo that represents your company is an art form that DreamTeamNetwork (DTN) is well acquainted with. We have worked with over 250 businesses large and small, helping them successfully increase their brand recognition in the marketplace. We create visually stimulating symbols that will be impressive and unforgettable.

We can also build unique ad campaigns designed to tie your corporate identity to your logo. Our experts use imaginative fonts, colors, and layouts to create a visually stunning logo that well represents your brand. Your logo can be used to identify your company on signage, business cards, letterhead, apparel, products, packaging, brochures, flyers, your website and many other places. It will become a significant part of your brand and corporate identity, all wrapped up in one recognizable mark, a symbol of your business as a whole.

Why not contact the professionals at DTN to learn more about creating an exclusive logo for your company? We strive to exceed your expectations. Call us today.

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