Market Intelligence

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Know your market like you know your brand.

Market intelligence is the identification and utilization of information relevant to the market your company participates in or wants to participate in. By gathering, analyzing and disseminating this data, you are powerfully enabled to grow your market presence right along with visibility of your brand.

Knowing your market and where your brand is ranked against competitors provides you with invaluable tools for wise and strategic decision-making that will add value to your brand and put you ahead of the competition. If you don’t know who you’re competing with, what you’re competing for, or how you plan to make it to the top, you’re missing an integral part of corporate strategy.


Market intelligence takes vigorous research, insightful analysis, and an incredible amount of time. DTN has all three, as well as the resources to identify market opportunity and market penetration. Take a look at some of the Market Intelligence services we provide:

  • Consulting and advisory services
  • Internal, competition and market analysis
  • Creation of relevant marketing materials
  • Development of intelligence best practices
  • Continual monitoring of related industries

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