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Print advertisements have become an even more important method of taking any message to a large group of people. Magazine and newspaper ads can take all directions and forms these days from outlandish to memorable. Using Photoshop, a recent NFL ad picturing a woman was touched up by fans to give the woman a black eye and redistributed online as a campaign against domestic violence. The retouched photo went viral almost instantly.

This well demonstrates the power of print ads and photographs. Photos and ads of melting glaciers and polar bears with no place to go have been very effective at alerting the world to the dangers of global warming. With a creative slogan and a clever photograph, a print ad can be used in almost any type of campaign to convey almost any message.

Print ads have been around for a few thousand years, but with today’s technology, they can become a powerful way to proclaim a message that almost anyone can clearly understand, even if they speak another language. Tongue-in-cheek ads that use humor to get their point across are popular, along with ads that use puns, catchy slogans and bizarre photography. The evolution of print ads is a study all within itself.

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At DreamTeamNetwork (DTN), our team of creative marketing gurus can take an idea and develop it into a print ad that is memorable or even haunting. We have a proven track record of working with companies to help them develop incredible marketing and branding campaigns that reach multiple groups. Your ad can be distributed locally, regionally or globally, depending upon your needs.

DTN is a powerhouse family of brands that works in sync to provide businesses with public relations, investor relations and social media relations. Our campaigns utilize today’s most innovative strategies to reach out to the world with your company’s story. We have the tools, resources and people to elevate your marketing program to an amazing new level.

Please contact us to learn more about using print ads in your marketing strategy. Our team will create hilarious, captivating, profound, irresistible print ads that will mesmerize your target audience. Stand out from the crowd with a marketing campaign that achieves your business goals in less time and provides a higher ROI.

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