Each and every day, people are looking for goods and services at great prices. Will they find your website in their search? Whatever business you’re in, high visibility is important. To stay light years ahead of the competition, you must understand how SEO works and take full advantage of its power.

What You Need to Know About SEO

Did you know that 85 percent of all website traffic originates from the use of “Search Engine Optimization”? In order for your company to stay ahead of the game, you must take advantage of the latest search engine technology, and it does change often. Google is constantly updating the way their search engine works. Those tried and true methods from a couple years ago are ancient history now.


What are the best targeted “keywords” for your business? Often, small business owners find that it’s just easier and cheaper to hire an expert. After all, you’ve probably already got your hands full just running your business. You not only need a good list of keywords, you must strategically place those keywords in the text of your home page and other pages of your web site so that consumers pull up your site when they type those keywords in their browser. If your company’s website doesn’t come up on that first page of search results, then you’re losing out on sales!

Internet Marketing Campaigns

SEO is now used in Facebook ads, pay-per-click advertising, landing pages, press releases and just about everywhere you distribute content. The World Wide Web is definitely the greatest thing to come along since sliced bread, but you must understand how to harness its awesome power! Your company can go from being a small, local firm to being a large international corporation almost overnight if you know how to make SEO work for you.

Whether you’re just beginning to build a web presence or you’ve been at it a while, hiring an expert to handle the various aspects of your internet marketing campaign can often provide you with the best results. The pros at DreamTeamNetwork (DTN) have many successes under their belt and we develop ingenious SEO strategies that can reach across the street or around the world.

Please contact us today to learn more about how SEO can increase your web traffic and conversion rates and help your site rank higher. We specialize in customizing campaigns that offer a high ROI.

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