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Social media marketing rose up very quickly, leading some experts to think that it would become just another passing fad within a few years. Many marketing gurus believe that it’s around to stay though. The fact that the public has come to rely on sites like Twitter and Facebook so heavily for their social connections should equate to longevity.

Whatever you think of social media, the fact is that right now social media marketing is really hot. It’s an excellent way to build your brand, get new customers and become an authority in your industry. Large and small companies are taking advantage of the power of social media advertising but it requires some knowledge and experience to reap the full benefits.

In 2014, a marketing survey done by Hubspot showed that 92% of marketers believe that social media is important for their clients. 80% said that they had seen a noticeable difference in web traffic for clients through effective campaigns. In spite of these numbers, a great many business owners still say they aren’t sure exactly how to use social media and don’t know which tools are best for their company.

At DreamTeamNetwork (DTN), we believe social media marketing is a must these days. We’ve seen how it can improve any type of business. It offers numerous benefits with a smaller initial outlay of cash than other forms of advertising. Often, businesses begin to see results within the first few days of a campaign. Below are just a few more of the amazing benefits you can expect:

  • Increased brand recognition – Boost your visibility with strategic ad campaigns across numerous channels.
  • Improved brand loyalty – Your followers will get better acquainted with your brand and more comfortable with your products and services.
  • Multiple opportunities to convert – Each time you post on social media, you have an opportunity to make a sale. With the sheer volume of users on social media networks, there’s never been a greater chance to advertise to such a large audience.

Social media gives you a place where you can make real connections with your customers. Engagement and interaction have proven to offer lasting results. Though you may not make a sale to every consumer, you do get the opportunity to make a lasting impression. Experts confirm that social media marketing offers a 100% higher lead-to-close rate than outbound marketing and a huge increase in inbound traffic.

The bottom line is that each day, millions of people turn to social media for their entertainment. If your company isn’t promoting to these consumers, then you’re losing out. DTN specializes in building customized campaigns with targeted goals. You’ll quickly see the results in better traffic and higher conversion rates. Please contact us to speak to one of our social media specialists about taking advantage of this powerful form of advertising.

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