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The concept of clean visual design is one of those important elements that consumers rarely even notice if it’s done correctly.

What is Clean Design?

Documents and web sites with clean design support visual thinking, allowing viewers to grab the information they need with a minimum of conscious effort. Very simply, they are easy to read, presenting facts in a fully comprehendible manner. Clean design does not force the viewer to study and focus to understand what’s being said.

With so many business professionals nowadays forced to multi-task throughout the day, using the right visual design often makes the difference whether your content is viewed or not. This is true of executives, as well as the average consumer.

Every document needs to present some basic information to viewers. This is the most relevant info and it should be clearly outlined. The actionable details should be easy to spot and present a very clear offer. Whether you want the consumer to sign up for a newsletter or call for more information, the document should be designed so that each element relates well to the others on the page and the information can be understood very quickly.

When consumers click on websites and landing pages that do not follow basic visual design rules, they click away instantly. Colors have to be right, along with charts, images and text. Arrange the design elements so that they’re consistent and logical looking. You never want website or landing page visitors to go away feeling confused about your products, services or your offer. If they stare at your website and then feel a headache coming on, you haven’t done your job … and they won’t visit your site again.

Excellent visual design eliminates distractions and presents information very clearly in an understandable format. Even though it can be hard to articulate exactly why one site might be more fun to visit than another, the true answer always comes back to clean visual design.

At DreamTeamNetwork (DTN), we work hard to create visually stunning content that is attractive and easy to comprehend. We know the value of clean visual design and strive to produce consistency throughout. Whether we’re putting together a web page, a brochure, a corporate presentation or a press release, we apply the principles of clean visual design in order to allow the consumer to absorb the information they need with the least amount of effort. Please contact us to learn more about this exciting field.

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