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It’s not just what you have – it’s how you use it.



Your website is much more than a hub of corporate information – in its most efficient form, a website is a refined marketing tool that evokes action.

First and foremost, you need to be visible. Powerful search engine optimization (SEO) strategies ensure that your company is ranked among the first results on the search engines. You don’t want to be another face in the crowd – you want to be the rock star on stage.

Once you’ve mastered SEO, it’s vital that you keep the visitor’s attention, providing a strong balance of “more-than-enough” but not “too much” information. Without baiting the right content, tools and strategy, visitors will bounce right off your page and onto the next one that gives them what they want. A “Close Tab” or “Back” button is sometimes all that stands between you and your competition.

Would you label your website as “action provoking”? Not sure? We can help.

DTN’s website consultation and/or creation services start with a thorough review of your existing website to pinpoint areas that may need improvement or strength. From ranking and format to content and images, we specialize in turning even the drabbest website into an incredible and enviable marketing tool.

Sites we’ve worked on include:



Some of the world’s top brands are investing their time and money into apps, taking advantage of the incredible power of mobile marketing and creative design. Apps provide an unparalleled means of reaching and communicating with a core demographic by creating a compelling impression that links back to the brand and incites specific action.

What’s more is that mobile apps are literally right at the consumers’ fingertips – how often do you see the average person without their smartphone and/or tablet? Mobile is easily the screen of choice, which means your brand is accessible anytime and anywhere.

Unique benefits of having your own branded app:

  • Initiate modern sales and branding
  • Unique consumer engagement
  • Build personal relationships with consumers
  • Expand brand visibility and market reach
  • Maintain consistent consumer communication
  • Create brand utility and brand experience

Quite frankly, apps are a dime a dozen. The key to making yours standout as a legitimate and unique option is strategic creation and promotion. At DTN we’re swimming with ideas and have full capabilities to help you launch a killer app that promotes your brand and incites action.

Success takes time, research and strategy – and we’ve got plenty of it.

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