Conference Strategy

Investor conferences are an invaluable way to raise brand awareness among the shareholder community. Though there is a fee to participate, you’re given the unique opportunity to provide potential investors with invaluable services such as face-to-face contact, live demonstrations/presentations and to create a first-hand buzz about your company.

Investor conferences typically consist of presentations, social hours, one-on-one management sessions and panels. These are some of the best ways to identify what professional investors are looking for and where your company stands in the market. With the right strategy, you’ll greatly expand your network to include some of the market’s brightest innovators, industry leaders and executives and emerging companies.

DTN consultants have attended numerous conferences – we’ve seen the success stories and witnessed the belly flops. Let us help you decide which investor conference is right for your company, guide you through the registration process, and then create market awareness of your plans. We’ve steered many companies through their presentation and have an impressive portfolio of visual materials and marketing strategies designed to help you stand out from the crowd.

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