Deal Advisory

DTN helps clients maximize their transaction strategies to enhance company and shareholder value. As a publicly traded company you’ve got a tough crowd of critics, and when you make a decision it affects a wide-reaching pool of individuals. Whether you want to raise capital or are considering a merger, acquisition, joint venture or divesture, DTN offers consultation services throughout the entire process.

Our goal is to help you evaluate market opportunities and options to make the best decision and optimize your company’s internal and external growth initiatives. We’ll provide an overall assessment of your company and help you identify the risks, rewards and value of your considerations before you head to the bargaining table.

Shareholder input is important, and DTN professionals can help ensure that you keep the right people in the loop each step of the way. Once a decision has been made, we’ll help you wade through the terms of the transaction and then strategize how to implement any changes into your existing operations with as little wake as possible.

Investor Relations Services

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