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Email marketing is flourishing like never before. More consumers access the Internet via smartphone, keeping their email inboxes at arm’s reach at any given time. You’ve likely toyed with the idea of email marketing for your business, if you aren’t already using it. But do you know where to start? Who to send to? What to say? The first step is to define what you have to say and to whom you want to say it. If your message isn’t relevant to the audience, your message will most hit the “Trash” bin without a glance.

At DTN we’ve constructed a powerful blueprint to help each client disseminate its brand, story and message to a large audience of investors. We assess your current branding techniques and dig-in to uncover the story your investor audience needs to hear. Whether you’re targeting consumers, clients or current or existing shareholders, we’ve got the means and the know-how to do so.

Proper and effective email marketing is not spam – we don’t use spam techniques and we highly advise every client to maintain the same integrity. To this accord we have amassed a large opt-in subscriber base that signed up for our messaging in hopes of getting connected with emerging and established plays with high growth potential. If you need a little help getting your feet in the water, you’ve come to the right place.

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