Investor Day Preparation, Organization

Investor Day is an important part of a strong investor relations program. There are several reasons to hold such an event, such as to: provide a corporate update or details on a recent/future event; discuss industry trends and market strategy; address a corporate crisis; increase transparency; or simply to introduce investors to management.

In essence, this is a way for you to flaunt your company to your most important audience. While the preparation, organization and execution of Investor Day are full of intrinsic elements, there are three primary steps to follow: 1. Preparation; 2. Presentation; and 3. Follow Up.

Preparation – The last thing you want to do is host an unorganized event – the lack of preparation will show. Consider every Investor Day your first impression and vow to leave a good one. The way you execute this event reflects your ability to set and achieve goals – you’ve got to be on your game. The investment community loves to talk, and this is your chance to make a positive impression that builds your reputation.

Presentation – A powerful presentation is your place to shine. The location should be that of comfort and accessibility, enhanced by a professional and informative presentation (accompanied by speaker notes) that answers all foreseeable questions about your company, strategy, management, products, industry and potential. You’ll also want to make a professional recording of the session for investors who are unable to attend. This archive should be available on your website for a determined amount of time.

Follow-up – It’s important to follow-up with attendees and a fairly simple way to do this is via survey. The feedback you receive provides you with valuable information you can utilize for future events. It also provides you with the opportunity to immediately address and handle negative feedback.

Investor Day provides shareholders a clear understanding of your company’s current and future position and enables you to effectively communicate what you’re doing on a short and long-term basis. Whether you need help brainstorming, setting the location, rounding up attendees or recording your presentation, DTN offers its clients comprehensive support services to make sure they pull off a successful Investor Day. Our professionals have access to insight from the corporate side as well as to shareholder viewpoint to help you create an event with a lasting impression.

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