Media Planning

The definition of media planning, much like the name implies, is the determination of which media outlets (or combination of outlets) are needed to achieve marketing campaign strategies and objectives. The obvious endpoint is brand and/or message visibility, but reaching that endpoint can be tricky. Two of the most important elements to reach this endpoint are reach and frequency.

Media planning also requires forethought, strong industry knowledge, budgeting and the right personnel to execute the plan. At DTN we’ve got it all. If you’re competing in an industry we’re not familiar with, we jump in head first to learn everything we need to act on your behalf – we’re pros at swimming with the sharks.

The more your investors see your brand in positive limelight, the happier they’ll be. Starting with exposure among our own family of brands, we’ll create a strategy to incorporate additional media avenues for the desired reach and at the appropriate frequency for market saturation.

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