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News releases (also referred to as press releases or press statements) have long been a favorite and effective means of disseminating news to a target audience and a cornerstone of public relations.

While some investors comb through news releases of current or potential holdings, the target destination of your news release is actually into the hands of journalists and editors at news media outlets who in turn will dissect and relay this information to their target audience, the investment community and the general public.

In essence, your news release provides reporters and journalists with fodder needed to develop a news story. How you initially tell your side of the story is vital. DTN’s PR professionals not only craft outstanding news release content, but also maximize its effectiveness and reach by tapping into our deep pool of industry networks and distribution partners.

In addition to various social media channels, DTN utilizes a press distribution network of partners to maximize the impact of each client’s news. These partners collectively draw in millions of readers, many of which are active participants in the stock market. Also, in addition to increasing exposure for particular news, clients benefit from the search engine optimization strategies we use to make sure archived press releases are easily found in the future.

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