Relationship Building

As a publicly traded company, there are two places you don’t want to be: flying under the radar or disengaged from your shareholders. By maintaining consistent outreach to the investment community you are increasing the visibility of your brand while demonstrating your willingness to engage and build business relationships with existing and potential shareholders.

The good news is there’s a growing segment of the investor community looking for brands like yours – undervalued, underrated but brimming with potential and growth.

DTN’s strategy is to connect your company with these investors and initiate ongoing dialogue. It begins with ensuring that your company has and maintains consistent branding across your website, social media and printed collateral. The goal is to build a visual identity and form messages that investors won’t forget once they see it.

The real magic comes into play with the delivery and dissemination of your brand. Whether this is done via an event such as investor day, issuing news releases or managing your social media campaign, we utilize DTN distribution and social media networks to broadcast your brand and image to an audience of investors hungry for legitimate small-cap plays.

Investor Relations Services

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