Roadshows are to public companies what they are to rock bands: a planned route of exposure in several locations over a set period of time. They’re also grueling. At each stop, the performing party (be it publicly traded company or superstar) hits each stop to sell and demonstrate its value to the given audience.

Investors rarely actually visit the companies they invest in, but instead soak up information presented at road show meetings and found online. Hitting the road is an expensive way to cater to this hunger for information, but if executed with the right strategy and at the appropriate time is a worthwhile venture.

A road show typically lasts up to 10 days with visits to multiple cities – sometimes within the same day. The task can be exhausting, but coaching and practice can go a long way in ensuring that the message is consistent and remains at top-quality throughout each stop. In this sense, you might call it a road rally – the point is to drive hard-hitting and personal marketing of your company, strategy and performance and potential.

Whether you’ve been a publicly traded company for years or want to plan a pre-IPO road show, DTN can provide your management team with consultation in event promotion, logistical planning, presentation preparation and material, presenter coaching and more.

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