Shareholder Inquiry

Though many investors now rely on social media, websites and filings for public information, there are still some who prefer speaking directly to a member of an investor relations team. Inquiry from existing and potential shareholders should be handled in a timely, professional and accurate manner.

An efficient investor relations team is able to answer questions about the company, its operations and any public news regarding the company. For this reason, it’s important to designate specific, knowledgeable and professional individuals to handle all shareholder inquiries and maintain a welcoming posture that encourages two-way communication between a company and the investment community.

Whether you’re an emerging private entity or you’ve been in the public market for decades, DTN’s team of professionals supplement your existing investor relations campaign to ensure that every shareholder inquiry is handled as the most important inquiry.

Our response strategies blend investor relations, public relations and social media relations to enhance transparency, communication and shareholder engagement. These detailed strategies are based on established objectives and industry trends that stem from our deep understanding of the public markets.

Investor Relations Services

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