Fact Sheets

Fact sheets are an excellent way to assimilate important company information and oversight of your products and services. A fact sheet breaks down complex information and assimilates it into bite-size pieces that are easy to grasp to serve as a helpful tool for investors, media and reporters to obtain an overall view of your company.

Facts sheets are often submitted with a company’s press releases and/or media kit and should highlight and answer the five basic “W” questions: who, what, where, when, and why. They should also follow a specific format that includes your company’s basic information such as name, address and phone number.

Just like press releases, a fact sheet will be largely ineffective if it does not follow the proper format and include the pertinent information. As a matter of fact, all of your company correspondence should be top-notch and professionally done. From your website content to email auto-responders, excellence should show through so that your target consumer has no doubts about the quality of your products and services.

A few basic tips:

  • Include your company’s mission statement
  • Explain what your company does and why it’s better than the competition
  • Talk about the qualifications of your executive staff
  • End with an overview of any awards your company has received

When they are well done, a fact sheet should grab the attention of journalists and stakeholders and tell them why they should focus their attention on your message. With so many companies competing for the same customers, this is an excellent way to set yourself apart and show that your company is above par.

Fact sheets should be included with your press kit but you can also place a link on your website and in other meaningful places. A well-crafted fact sheet can elevate public opinion of your company, while a sub-par fact sheet can turn away potential journalists, consumers and investors.

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