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With a top-notch media relations campaign, your company can enjoy thousands of dollars’ worth of publicity. An essential part of DreamTeamNetwork’s (DTN) job is to work on behalf of our clients to raise brand awareness in the media and among a target audience.

We work closely with prime news outlets and have numerous contacts among elite journalists and publications. We use this network to build an extensive media list created specifically for your company and based on your industry, sector and current needs. This service has worked to help 300+ companies to gain positive news exposure.

Dealing with the media presents many unique obstacles, but our experts are up for the challenge. We work tirelessly on behalf of your organization to supply you with consistent and highly positive news coverage. Each time your organization undergoes any type of change or adds to its products and services, DTN takes action to relay this message to the right audience in a clear and effective manner.

Whether you’re preparing for an upcoming product release, launching a new app or reorganizing your administrative structure, our media campaigns broadcast your message and create lasting impact that keeps on benefiting your organization.

In direct communication with key members of the publishing and news distribution industries, our professional media relations program provides the type of specialized service that money can’t buy. Whether you need to build public support or mobilize public opinion, DTN has the resources to get the job done.

Contact us today to learn how we utilize time-honored media relations to help your business succeed in today’s complex global economy. You can expect lasting and optimal results from advertising campaigns, social media, press releases, and media advisories. Enjoy the many advantages of working with a proven leader. Contact DTN today.

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