News Distribution Partners

News distribution includes various types of message “vehicles,” including radio stations, television stations, newspapers, press release distributors and Internet-based sites like YouTube, Vimeo and social media platforms.

Internet Distribution Partners

Most modern businesses work with one or more Internet news distribution sites, which provide almost instant coverage of any breaking story or newsworthy event in your organization. For that reason, DreamTeamNetwork (DTN) has established relationships with many of these services. Some sites, like news wires, require fees for use, while others like Facebook and Twitter are cost-free.

Using Social Media

Social media has proven its worth time and time again. Most social media sites are completely free to use and can distribute your news much faster than say, a newspaper. They also enable boundless marketing reach and incite consumer dialogue about your brand and/or product.

Whether you’re simply announcing this quarter’s earnings, adding a new executive to your staff or releasing a new book, utilizing the right news distribution partners makes a difference. Some sites work much better for certain types of news, while others like Facebook can work with any type of news announcement.

DTN utilizes several of the most effective avenues for news distribution, weaving your content into more of an event. By making strategic decisions and conducting some research, we strive to gain utilize every news distribution partner that might offer your company value.

Clients enjoy our distinct ability to formulate powerful messages that provides layers of compounding benefits. We employ excellent personnel, resources and time to reach out to the right organizations with the right message – we’ve been doing this for years.

DTN has established strong, positive relationships with influential people in the news distribution arena that enables us to offer our clients the residual results of these valuable connections.

Whether you’re expanding your business, moving into a better global position or adding a new line of toys, we’ll get the announcement out to those news distribution partners who can offer the greatest exposure.

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