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Hosting special events to promote your business is not a new concept; it’s been around for eons. What has changed is the diversity, visibility and reach of this powerful marketing tool. Before radio and television, special events were typically limited to stage tours, exhibits and grand openings – the market reach was limited to the immediate audience. Today, the visibility of special events is boundless and can be rapidly dispersed or replayed via social media and other web-based platforms.

From publicity stunts for a new TV show to advertising for an upcoming Comic-Con convention, special events offer an incredible opportunity to engage and inform a target base; conduct live and hands-on demonstrations; incite action for a specific cause; and create a visible presence that invokes trust. Smart entrepreneurs take full advantage of this PR tool to accomplish specific objectives for their organization, but it all begins with a creative idea.

Whether you want to publicize the opening of a new business or the release of a new app, there are many key points to consider – among the most important are creativity and communication. A powerful strategy includes a goal; a well-organized plan of action; and a stellar marketing campaign to attract an audience to the event.

DreamTeamNetwork (DTN) understands the intricate details that make-up a well-rounded and powerful special event and has the right team of professionals to take your special event from conception to construction and through completion. We focus on getting even the smallest details right.

Do you want to improve your organization’s reputation? Garner public support for an issue? Get donations for your cause? Special events can range from centennial celebrations to a new building’s dedication. Almost any event can be transformed into a “Special Event” … the possibilities are endless.

Contact DTN today to learn more about putting together a memorable and powerful special event for your organization.

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