Spokesperson Role

A great spokesperson is essential for most businesses, especially those trying to build a profile and reputation. Professional spokespersons put a human face on an organization and effectively communicate a brand’s messages to the public and the media. This person should be well-trained and thoroughly understand your business inside and out.

Emergency Communications

At one time or other, nearly every successful business will realize the need for a professional spokesperson to build company credibility, engage with inquiring media, and evoke public trust in times of emergency as well as amid smooth sailing.

Whether you’re developing a new product line, merging with another company or going public, your company spokesperson speaks for your entire organization to assure the public that everything is under control.


It’s not about the color of scarf or tie they wear; it’s about connecting to an audience. This is the key to success. In times of uncertainty, it’s important to acknowledge the issues, but equally as important to not over-reassure the public. Let everyone know that a process is in place.

If your company is at a juncture where you need the services of a qualified spokesperson, DreamTeamNetwork (DTN) can help. With many years of experience, we understand how to handle the big questions and deal with troubling issues. Whether your company is simply announcing a merger or attempting to manage a negative news story, our experts provide the services your company needs.

We start with a close analysis of your company, structure, products and services and acquaint ourselves with your consumer base so that we can speak its language. Over the years, we’ve worked with many companies assisting them in handling a variety of public issues that had the potential to either be a great PR opportunity or a disaster.

Confidence & Good Communications

From the use of body language and tone of voice to making eye contact, we can diffuse even more anxious and intense situations. DTN takes pride in offering professional spokesperson services to businesses of all sizes in any industry.

If you’d like to learn more about hiring one of our experts to serve as a spokesperson for your company, reach out to us. DTN is committed to helping your company succeed in today’s highly competitive world.

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