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Exceptional strategy = paramount results

Social media is so intricately involved in the business world that it has drastically changed the shape, power and structure of communication in both the private and public sectors. From Mom-n-Pop boutiques and City Hall to independently-owned gyms and Fortune 500 companies, social media has become a necessity to reaching the average consumer and investment community.

If you think just having a Facebook account is good enough, you’re dead wrong. An effective social media campaign is an interweaving of numerous social media platforms and strategies and a daily commitment to your brand and the audiences you’re reaching. The significance of social media to advertising and marketing is absolutely invaluable. With the right tools and people, client engagement, consumer dialogue, and targeted marketing can play in harmony to provide your company with the potential to expand your market penetration and increase your bottom line.

DreamTeamNetwork was one of the very first companies to apply Twitter to business application. We’ve been in the game for a very, very long time and have the skills, know-how, personnel and commitment to show you what it takes to not only survive, but excel in the social media space. Our team is here to remove the guesswork and keep you rolling in the right direction.

Here are some of the Social Media Relations services we offer:

Leveraging DTN’s diverse line of offerings, large social media following and multiple brands, your story can receive the attention it deserves. In the last ten years plus we have assisted 300+ public and private companies identify, achieve and surpass their corporate goals, serving as a powerful, single-source advertising and marketing solution with measurable results.

Let the DTN be your ladder to success for now, and in the future.

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