Social Media Account Setup

Social media is one of today’s most powerful tools
for building a successful business.

Over the years, this has become a significant method of advertising for businesses of all types and sizes. That’s due to the fact that more and more people are spending hours each day on sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

All too often, though, business owners and executives aren’t sure exactly how to set up the account in order to maximize its benefits. How do you set up your business profile? Is there key information that should be shared? What about photos? Everyone loves sharing their photos on social media but which ones are appropriate for a business?

In many instances, we find that the account manager has not set the social media site up in the most efficient manner. There are almost always improvements that could be made in order to optimize its value.

For instance, an important component of managing a social media account involves monitoring, tracking, and evaluating the number of followers per channel. Once we know which accounts are working best, we can adjust your resources so that time and money aren’t wasted on channels that are not producing well.

Getting the Purpose Right

The purpose for a personal social media account and a business is also another big difference. You set up your personal account in order to interact with people online. A business social media account is basically created for advertising purposes and to reach out to the broad community of consumers and/or investors who might be interested in your company.

One thing that many businesses have done in the past that actually harmed their reputation a great deal was to overpost on social media. Most users say that they actually HATE overposters whether these people are friends, business acquaintances or companies. Most users end up deleting people and businesses who overpost, so it’s important to discover that “fine line” between just enough and too much.

Tips for Success

Do hire a pro to write your company profile and use some keywords in the copy. Be sure to include the important information about your brand. Has your company been in business for 20 years? Have you won any awards? Don’t forget to include some good photos. You might post a pic of the exterior of the building, a group of your employees, your best selling product or any number of things that are relevant to your business.

Hire a Pro!

If you just can’t see yourself going to all this trouble and putting this kind of time and work into setting up social media accounts, then why not hire a pro? You’ll not only enjoy the ease and convenience of having someone else do all the heavy lifting, but we can provide ongoing management of your social media accounts. This ensures that your business will reap the maximum benefits of social media for years to come.

Facebook offers many exciting possibilities for exposing your brand to the masses. These include apps for email signup, video players, and custom HTML pages. We take full advantage of these to engage customers/investors right on the spot.

DreamTeamNetwork provides unparalleled marketing services to private and public companies. Our team has the experience and resources to catapult your company from ordinary to exceptional. We utilize every means at our disposal to make sure your business is marketed to your target audience. Our customized social media campaigns can build your brand very quickly and establish your company as a powerhouse in the marketplace.

The Investment Community

At DreamTeamNetwork we believe that one very essential place where many businesses fail is in investor relations. Your social media accounts can and should be utilized to deliver your brand’s message, news and evolving story to millions of investors worldwide. We leverage the power of social media and our existing audience to give you the very highest return on your investment and this includes distributing high quality information about your brand to investors on a regular basis.

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