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The day will come when you’ll need help
with crisis communications.

Regardless of whether you’re running a political campaign, a small business or a huge conglomerate, the day will come when you’ll need help with crisis communications. Your company may be facing a challenge to your reputation through some type of crisis that threatens your organization’s performance. This type of event often has the potential to negatively affect stakeholders and company finances.

In the past few years, a number of these types of events have transpired including the Gulf Oil Spill, the Johnson & Johnson Baby Powder recall, and the Dominos YouTube Crisis. With social media making everything so honest and open and occurring in real time, a great crisis management program is a must these days.

Many business owners are completely unprepared for a crisis. They either believe that it will never happen to them or they think that when the time comes, that’s when the board of directors will address the challenge.

Crisis management should include lessening the impact of the event and taking preventive measures to ensure that it does not spread any further. Effective crisis management can greatly reduce the negative fallout and get your company back on a sound, secure road much sooner. It should also include steps that will prevent any future similar crisis from occurring.

There are three distinct phases to crisis management:

  1. Pre-crisis: Prepare ahead of time. Spend some time with your executive staff discussing the things that could go wrong and put together a plan of action that addresses each one.
  2. Crisis: Something has gone terribly wrong! The social media outlets and maybe even the press are buzzing with a negative story that could ruin your business. It will have a definite effect on profits and business relationships.
  3. Post-crisis: Thankfully, this crisis has been resolved. Now it’s time for your team to go to work trying to understand what happened and why. Their end goal will be to make sure that it never happens again!

Crisis Communication Tactics

These will depend upon the type and severity of the crisis. It’s important to have seasoned pros on board who’ve been through this type of event and are experienced. Select someone from your Public Relations team to speak on behalf of the company. Hold meetings with the upper echelon and make the hard decisions about what should be done and how to do it.

Immediacy and transparency are the two most important elements of any crisis response. Try to be as open and honest as possible. Never lie about what happened. Often, the whole truth will eventually come out and then you’re worse off than ever.

Dream Team Network Specializes in Crisis Management

At DreamTeamNetwork, one of our specialties is crisis communications. We have worked with many leading brands over the years and we have the tools and resources to manage a big crisis through multiple channels, including social media. We believe any crisis can be turned into an opportunity and this is one of our goals. Instead of just putting out the fire, we invite the whole neighborhood over and have a weenie roast.

As highly trained and experienced specialists, we begin by gauging the significance of the crisis, then help your company decide on the best strategy. Using press releases, social media, your company blog and other similar outlets, we can manage the crisis until it’s finally under control. Throughout this process we watch for opportunities to use the event as a marketing tool if possible.

Once the event has passed, we will break down the facts, examine everything that took place and make recommendations about how to avoid similar events in the future. Additionally, we perform an impact assessment. Throughout the event, we are your partner for success and we stay vigilant and committed until things have died down and business has returned to normal.

DTN is a leader in Public Relations and Marketing and we believe that our years of experience and a very dedicated and creative team are what sets us apart. Please contact us to learn more about crisis management. We’d love to sit down with your executive board and devise a pre-crisis plan of action that can prevent rumors and innuendo from damaging your company’s reputation.

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