Social Media Editorial Calendars

Now that your company has decided to move forward with an aggressive social media campaign across multiple channels, there may still be numerous issues to address. For instance, how often should you post to each one? Should you post more on Facebook than on Twitter? What about Instagram and Google Plus?

If all these questions seem confusing, then you’re not alone. Every day across America, business owners realize the importance of social media to the success of their enterprise. Once they understand this, they’re eager to set up some accounts, create some content and get going. After a few months though, many of these well-meaning execs realize that handling an exciting and effective social media campaign across multiple channels takes work. It takes highly trained personnel with creative writing and editing skills.

Doing social media properly also requires a high level of organization on the part of those running the campaigns. With so much at stake, you never want to just launch out into the deep with no idea of what your goals are for each campaign. And these goals will define the type of content you create and how often you post.

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How Often to Post

Scheduled updates to each account are important but so is real-time interaction. It is so critical to be responsive to posters and have mechanisms in place to capture the feedback loop. If all this sounds a bit intimidating for you, then why not consider outsourcing the management of your social media campaigns?

When you have a dedicated team working on your social media marketing, then you can be assured that every important aspect of it is being addressed and handled on a daily basis. Your Social Media Editorial Calendars will be designed according to your specific company goals. We work alongside your people to learn all about your brand and we make it a priority to discover your organization’s objectives, both long term and short term.

Getting It Right

DreamTeamNetwork has worked with hundreds of well-known brands to give them top-notch content that is compelling and delivered at the right intervals. We’d love to discuss doing this for your company as well. We believe our services offer untold value in terms of establishing your company in the marketplace and enhancing your brand recognition. These are just a few of the many benefits of working with the pros at DTN.

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