Strategic Development

Social media should be your bullhorn,
not your burial ground.

A strategic social media campaign raises awareness and answers the public cry for interaction, transparency and information. Whether you’re a publicly traded company trying to communicate with investors or a private company focusing on external engagement, social media can be a powerful voice or a digital disaster.

Effective social media campaigns are much more than an occasional tweet or status update. DTN has a network of synergistic brands, each designed to execute a specific strategy that helps our clients deliver calculated messages to a target audience.

As a DTN client, you’re partnering with a family of brands that will help you create and maintain a consistent, hard-hitting and effective social media campaign. We utilize our expansive social media network to deliver each client’s message directly to countless followers on a regular basis. Our strategies evolve with changing market trends to achieve the best results and magnify your company’s existing image.

Social Media Optimization

Social Media Optimization (SMO) is the proverbial “road that never ends.”

It’s not something you ever fully achieve – it’s a continual effort to attract, entice and engage your fans and followers via social media platforms such as Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn and Twitter.


How do you engage them? The initial step is to first make sure that you’re actually reaching them. To achieve this, your content has to land in front of the right people. At DTN, we’ve spent years building a strong audience of investors, entrepreneurs, analysts and more – and the list base growing.

Strategic Interest and Targeting is an ongoing strategy that will help you optimize your presence, extend your reach, and enhance your engagement without putting more on your plate.

With DreamTeamNetwork,
SMO is working smarter, not harder.

Social Media Relations Services

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