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Employing the latest methods to achieve superior results.

Blending the same strategies we used to successfully build our own brand with the latest and greatest advertising tools on the market, DTN can rapidly get your company in front of millions of customers and/or investors.

One of our strategies is Facebook Ads. As one of the first firms to recognize and utilize the targeting abilities of the social media’s amazing advertising platform, we’re ahead of the game – and our clients are too. The world doesn’t yet fully understand the incredible value offered here, but we do. And we know how to fine-tune a campaign that meets the individual goals of your company.

Facebook’s cost-effective advertising platform allows you to create ads that reach targeted groups based on location, demographics and interests. Your current marketing messages may be reaching millions of people, but if it’s not the right group of people, you’re spending time and money just to spin your wheels. Targeted ads are highly specific and require strategic and creative thinking to maximize reach and consumer engagement. That’s where we can help.


How it works and why it works

Let’s say you manufacture napkin holders. You have a Facebook presence but aren’t getting the followers or sales you thought would inherently get by joining the platform. Using Targeted Advertising strategies you start brainstorming.

Your product isn’t a necessity; it’s a small, decorative luxury, so you replace simple product photos with catchy images of gourmet dinners featuring your napkin holders as the gem of plate presentation. My how those napkin rings sparkle and shine next to that mouthwatering cuisine!

Next you create a few ads targeting a wide demographic by getting creative and using words like “gourmet dinner clubs,” romantic picnic,” “family dinner night,” “bed and breakfast,” “beach picnic,” thanksgiving dinner presentation,” “meal presentation ideas,” “holiday meals” – you get the idea. What you’re doing is linking your product with a topic that speaks to a broader circle of influence.

You notice your ads are starting to draw some attention, especially from hobbyists that love to host dinner parties. In response, you post a great recipe, of course with a picture of the meal and napkin holder adorning the place setting. Vera in New York is planning a dinner party for the next weekend, sees and “likes” the post and copies down the recipe. The recipe is a hit at the party and Vera comments her success on your original post (which generates buzz) and then “shares” it with her guests (who share it with their friends and family on Facebook). Several of them “like” the post and follow your page to get more recipes in the future. Suddenly, your post has an incredible reach – from New York to San Francisco – and you see a spike in your likes, which generates buzz about your product, and sales start to tick higher. It’s uphill from there with consistent effort.

The potential

This is just ONE of the NUMEROUS capabilities of targeted advertising. Our team of advertising professionals knows the ins and outs of social media marketing and has searched and scoured the furthest corners of the market to know what works and what doesn’t. While you’re focused on growing your business, we’re focused on advertising your brand.

DTN’s targeted advertising goes beyond Facebook, however. Leveraging our extensive network and advertising capabilities, DTN gives you real-time access to millions of investors. Our Demand Side Platform (DSP) delivers total control, unmatched optimization and campaign intelligence for brands, agencies and agency trading desks of any size.

See for yourself some of the unique advantages of DSP:

  • Ease of use: Unprecedented control via an intuitive, simple to use interface.
  • Scale: We can handle massive scale of more than 30 billion requests per day at response times under one millisecond.
  • Real-Time Buying: Industry leading tools deliver real-time campaign management, optimization, and reporting. Self-serve or use our managed service team to build, execute and optimize real-time campaigns.

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